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Lab-S Group owns and manages a portfolio of factories, companies, and brands across the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. In addition to the list of brands already established and trademarked, the corporate group is actively setting up new brands, some focusing on niche markets such as custom made diamonds for engagement or wedding rings, others offering mass-produced or pre-made lab-created diamonds, and fashion jewelry for the mass market.

Brands, Joint Ventures, and Subsidiaries


Customers will reach out to different brands owned by the company based on their personal needs and place their orders. They will subsequently be handled by the Customer Service team under different brands.

Joint Ventures

The joint ventures with external partners bring values such as capital, technology, supply chain, and market shares. By cooperating with upstream and downstream companies in the industry, Lab-S Group has achieved vertical integration and horizontal integration, which has improved its efficiency and secured its position in the market.


The list of subsidiaries owned or invested by Lab-S Group is utilized either to distribute our products and present our services to the customers or to support logistics, production, or daily operations. Through equity investments, we have established some strategic partners in the hope of gaining an advantage in the long-term development of the company.


Lab-S Group owns in-house brands established and funded by the company. The company also actively collaborates with other start-ups and marketing agencies to pursue technology and market development in new market sectors.

Rolary_Milano_Logo_121920 (1).png

Rolary specializes in crafting sophisticated lab-grown diamond jewelry. We believe everyone deserves to love, to be loved, and to capture special moments with a diamond. With Rolary’s continuous innovation and technology advancement, we are able to create lab-grown diamonds of exceptional quality at an accessible price.


Luna Eden specializes in exquisite and high-quality colorless lab-grown diamond jewelry with the concept of nature at night. Our modern, simple, and unique signature designs outline the shape of love. With customized lab-grown diamonds, our diamond jewelry is representational of unforgettable sweet moments and romantic memories.


Founded in California, Sunny Eden is the global leader in ethically sourced fine laboratory-grown diamonds from the carbon extracted out of hair. Sunny Eden gives the diamond engagement rings true value and witnesses romantic love stories. Our mission is to create affordable dazzling diamonds in a unique and meaningful way and provide customers with a personal, bespoke experience.


Lab-S is the world’s leading large-carat lab-grown diamond provider. Powered by apparatus and technology to create a 20 GPa and 2,500 °C growth environment, we make conflict-free, eco-friendly, and GIA/IGI certifiable diamonds. Our expertise ranges from high-pressure science research, production of HPHT and CVD lab-grown diamonds, color enhancing for fancy intense colors, and super-hard materials retail.


Mount Tisé diamonds are the perfect combination of technology and romance. We are committed to providing customers premium personalized services and excellent quality sustainable lab-created diamonds. Mount Tisé lab diamonds are tailor-made, exclusively designed for customers’ love stories, allowing personalities to shine, and capturing extraordinary moments.


Partners and Investments

Due to the fast growth of the company, the management has set up local offices and support companies to carry out middle-office or back-office work, as well as accounting, marketing, and logistics.

MD Creations LLD, United States

When it comes to the diamond industry globally, it is the U.S. by far that has the biggest demand for polished diamonds worldwide, accounting for 49% of all. Not to mention its great consumption power. We adopt market orientation views for each localized market. MD Creations LLD is located in Los Angels, California, in the U.S. We aim to meet the local customers’ needs by establishing a joint venture here. With strong technology and a superb management team of the joint venture, we have successfully boosted our local brand in terms of publicity and sales.

uk office.jpg

Personalized Creations Ltd, UK

The United Kingdom is a market of huge potential with a population of 68 million, and a GDP per capita of more than 40 thousand USD. Additionally, the UK has a history of admiring beautiful diamonds, which is reflected in the amount spent on them every year in the country. The UK attracts us for its resources, technology, and talents. Therefore, we choose to set up Personalized Creations Ltd to operate locally to support our brands to take root in the UK and increase our presence in Europe.

Oecophy GmbH - Berlin, Germany

Oecophy primarily engages in supply chain management and logistics activities for the Group, including packaging, warehousing, materials handling, inventory control, transportation, production planning, procurement, etc. Furthermore, the company is responsible for branding and marketing initiatives, as well as local recruitment in European countries. As one of our earliest joint ventures, we strive to expand our presence in Europe.

cd office.jpg

Chengdu m-Care Brand Mgt Ltd, China

Chengdu m-Care is one of our investments and partners in China, and a subsidiary of a Hong Kong shareholding company. As we see the vast market potential in China, our business expansion in China is one of our key strategies. We always put our customers' interests at heart. Unlike the European and American markets, the Chinese market is socially and culturally different with identifiable consumption habits. Chengdu m-Care mainly engages in Chinese market studies and operations, back-office support, and brand agency projects.

m-Care Diamond Ltd, Taiwan

Taiwan is an emerging market for the diamond industry in particular lab-grown diamond businesses. Located at 14 F., No. 8, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.),  Taiwan m-Care Diamond Ltd operates in Taiwan to help us study the market, and enhance our service for our brands with excellent strategy. The company also attracts local talents and professional experts to join our constantly evolving business. Moreover, the joint venture helps to expand our influence in the East Asian Region.

We are making a difference.

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