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Working at Lab-S Group

Joining Lab-S means becoming part of an academy of talents and artists, together, a part of a future that is more innovative and sustainable. At Lab-S Group, we’re focused on more than just diamonds. We’re a family with a history of innovation and a culture of supporting each others. We aim to enable all those we work with to live up to their full potential.

A World of Opportunities

Our employees are one of our critical competitive advantages. Embark on a professional adventure and discover opportunities that enable you to work on dynamic projects with our international team. We are a collaborative group of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, which create a fun and innovative workplace.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Lab-S Group, we celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work environment and our work. We champion the richness of our talents and ensure that each team member is valued. In our horizontal organizational structure, everyones' voices are heard. We honor the unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences you bring to make Lab-S Group a better place for everyone.

Mobility and Flexibility

The various departments at Lab-S Group work seamlessly together towards the same goals and objectives. We give our employees the trust and choice to decide what works best for them. Our talents are highly coordinated and agile, working physically at the office or remotely at home.


Be Yourself

At Lab-S Group, you can be you. We motivate employees to focus on their strengths and reach their full potential. Our organizational structure is flat, which means that any employee has the power to make a difference. We encourage our talents to become experts in the areas of their interests.

Grow with Us

Our constantly evolving businesses are growing fast in the lab-grown diamond industry. We strengthen and shape our culture through the development of our employees. You will be able to learn many skills and gain experiences quickly working with our highly qualified and outstanding talents.


Hear From Our Employees

I joined Lab-S Group back in 2019, working in Sales & Admin. Both the company and I have grown so much since. Almost four years later, I'm still working as a full-time employee, feeling valued by the management. I appreciate the flexibility and growth opportunity Lab-S Group has offered, prompting me to be a better version of myself. I couldn't be more proud to be part of the team, and I am very passionate about what we will be able to achieve in the future. The future is a calling!


Sales & Admin

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