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Investor Relations

Lab-S Group is the world’s leading lab-diamond products group, gathering in-house incubated direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, with up to 170% annual growth in revenue in recent years and a retail network spread across 15 countries.

A Fast-growing Industry

The global diamond market is currently valued at more than 90 billion USD. It is expected to reach 120 billion USD by 2030 -- within which, the 1% lab-diamond market share in 2018, is estimated to rocket to 15% of the total diamond jewelry market by 2024.


An Exceptional Team

Top scientists at Lab-S Group have 10-20 years of experience in HPHT, leading our research and production. Our marketing professionals are rooted in the U.S., EU, China, etc., deeply understanding the diversified local culture and consumption habits. In addition, our sales team speaks more than ten languages and serves worldwide clients 24/7.

A Data-driven Brand Architecture

Market demand is the core focus of our business strategies. Our brand product matrix and marketing campaigns are guided, designed, organized, and evaluated by insights derived from data. As a result, consumers from niche market segments benefit from our brands and products specifically designed and served for them.


A Long-term Focused Strategy

Amateurs attribute business success to branding and marketing; however, professionals build brands and expand in the market through accumulating assets around the product. A good taste in art and design, competitive supply chain, strict quality control, and updated insights into purchasing demand distinguish Lab-S Group brands from our peers and allow us to build to last. 

A Combination of Online & Offline Shopping Experience

We are not an e-commerce business, nor a traditional one. Instead, we combine the efficiency and accessibility of online marketing with a personal shopping experience at physical stores. Supported by automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, our products are personalized for each customer and produced at lightning speed on a massive scale. 


A Foreseeable Growth

Lab-S Group has developed new brands and products to meet customer needs using up-to-date market data in the past few years. First, we establish our brands in their respective national markets. Then, as they become increasingly profitable, they are internationalized globally. Adopting an asset-light model, the group attracts talents with the leverage of capital to grow sales and profits by replicating our solid and proven business model.

Join Our Next Funding

The company has been self-sustaining and profitable from day one. With all the growth and expansion in the past few years, the company has never reported a loss in any single year. The debt asset ratio of the Lab-S Group is 0 because of the healthy cash flow. The consolidated year-on-year growth rate of the whole group ranges from 35% - 70%. For our single brands, the annual growth is up to 170% and is quite commonly seen in some national markets.

The management is actively seeking opportunities to take in a new round of external investments for some of our brands. The funding will be utilized for conservative cash reserves, recruitment of global talents, research & development in HPHT and CVD, expansion of production capacity, design of new brands and collections, and set-up of more physical stores and branches.

The Quality in Investors that We Seek:

The Patience in
Long-Term Investors

We are looking for private equity partners who can commit significant capital for years. Institutions with access to family trusts or individuals with high net worth are preferred. Potential investors shall firmly believe in long-term investment while not rushing for an exit and cash out and do not regard IPO or short-term arbitrage as the only purpose.

The Friendliness
of Investement Partners

We are looking for investors who tend to make minority investments without a change of control of the business. The fund manager shall maintain a role of support instead of influence. "business is business," and impersonal investors are not preferred. We hope to build trust and friendship with fund partners along the way, connect through heart, and grow the business hand-in-hand.

Good History and Reputation
for Supporting Investees

Our potential investors are required to have a sound reputation for standing with their investees. Therefore, any history or sign of dishonest, mercenary behavior, or short-sighted decision-making, will raise a red flag.

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