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  Lab-S Group, based in Switzerland, is the world’s leading lab-grown diamond company, with expertise in diamond production, cutting, polishing, grading, marketing, and retail. Together with our joint venture partners, we employ top talents and serve international clients across the global diamond industry. Through Lab-S Group developments, our outstanding diamonds and jewelry designs bring joy and meaning to diamond lovers worldwide. 

Our Expertise

We are extremely proud of our expertise in lab-grown diamond and jewelry craftsmanship. With our international team, we are able to build our network and take our Swiss know-how in different local markets around the world.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating value in every aspects of our businesses. With continuous technology innovations and needs-based marketing improvements, we strive to shape the future of the laboratory-grown diamond industry.

Our Philosophy

The foundation of our business is in the interests of our stakeholders’ needs. Considering the local market demands, we seek to offer a broad range of competences in the lab-grown diamond industry.

Our Experience

We have decades of experience in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and retailing of lab-grown diamonds and customizable jewelry. We take pride in the connections and resources that we have built.


Corporate Group

Lab-S Group specializes in the R & D, production, and sales of lab-grown diamonds, as well as the design, craftsmanship, and marketing of customized jewelry. Lab-S Group consists of an investment body, a management body, and an operational body. As of the end of 2020, with subsidiaries and branch offices in 8 countries and employees in 15 countries, the corporate group owns a list of brands specialized in the business of customized lab-grown diamonds and jewelry. 

Management and Back-office

The headquarters of the corporate group consists of directors and shareholders responsible for critical corporate functions such as decision-making, business development and strategic planning. The executives and major shareholders are based in Switzerland, the United States, Italy, Israel or Taiwan. On the other hand, the supporting teams, including IT, Admin, Accounting, Customer Service, Marketing and Design, are based in Germany, Poland, China, The U.K, Japan, The Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Switzerland and Australia to cover all markets where our brands are presents and still expanding. 


Our international leadership team puts all of our stakeholders’ interests at the center of everything we do. In addition, they foster a spirit of collective skills for our long-term success.

Thalissa Nivard

Director, Head of Marketing & BD

With a master's degree in International Marketing and Communication from ISCOM Paris, Thalissa Nivard is currently based in our global headquarters in Switzerland. Thalissa is also the director and key management leader of our several in-house brands. Her responsibilities within the group include the management of all marketing and communication activities for all brands and business development activities on a global scale.

Based in  Zug, Switzerland


Merrick Yzbick

Director, Head of U.S. Operations

Born and raised in California, Merrick Yzbick holds a major in Communications with a minor in Linguistics. After working as technical support for BlueJet Hosting, he continued his career in production projects with Fortune 500 companies such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, and Hewlett-Packard Global. As the General Manager and COO of MD Creations, he oversees the global operations of the company. With expert knowledge and experience in business communications and management, he organizes actionable business strategies, provides outstanding customer services, and drives profitable revenue growth.

Based in Los Angeles, California

Kelon Cen (Sacha)

Creative Director, Head of Design

Sacha is a multidisciplinary creative director focusing on the future technology for brand storytelling and integrating brands with emotionally resonant experiences. He has explored many forms of media, such as painting, animation, immersive video installation, and programming. As a key member of Lab-S Group, he and the team have established more than seven brands over the past years. In addition, as an independent artist, he has worked for Chanel, Disney, Publicis, and music celebrities on various narrative experiences and cutting-edge prototypes using mixed reality and synthetic media.

Based in Los Angeles, California


Francesco Abo Ata

Director, Head of EU Operations

From decades of experience in Europe, Francesco Abo Ata has gained deep perspectives and strong networks in the European markets. Over the past years, he has managed and initiated new projects, quality control, and problem-solving. Creativity and adaptability have led him to push for the company's advancement toward innovation and improvement. Building, optimizing, and creating are the components that motivate him to move forward and improve the future of the company. Francesco has obtained his dual master's degree in different countries in Europe.

Based in Poland and Italy

Patrik Spirig

Supply Chain and Operations Management

Patrik Spirig, positioned in Switzerland, is an integral part of our Supply Chain and Operations Management team. His rich background spans various sectors, including logistics coordination for specialized transportation services and leadership in template solution start-ups. Patrik's expertise lies in managing complex operational systems, customer-focused service, and administrative efficiency. His role is vital in advancing our supply chain strategies, driving operational excellence, and maintaining effective global network operations.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland


Jeffery Lian G.

Director, Global Customer Service & Business Development

Jeff is a detail-oriented professional who works well under pressure. With more than 10 years of customer service experience resolving complex inquiries, he has developed excellent interpersonal skills and is passionate about building strong customer teams across the globe, driving sales, and improving processes. Jeff is skilled at transforming customer feedback into actionable insights. As the Head of Global Customer Service, Jeff helps the company to increase efficiency, profit, and service quality.

Based in Zug, Switzerland

Angela Hou

APAC Operations Senior Manager

Angela Hou graduated from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, with double degrees in Accounting and Finance. She worked as a customer relationship manager in the banking industry for over two years and accumulated rich experience in customer service. Angela now works as the Front Operations Manager at the Lab-S Group, managing brand development, and customer service management.

Based in Chengdu, China

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